inside Great Barrier Reef

CR and KN Williams
Thu 5 Aug 2010 06:22
21.28S 150.25E
Thursday 5th August, 16:00
It's wonderful, inside the reef you can walk around like a normal person, make and drink coffee, even do some repairs. We should tie up, all being well, tomorrow morning.
Whilst we were in Nei'afu Tonga, a chap rowed miles (actually the locals stand at the front and punt, perhaps they all went to Oxford with Clare), hammered on the hull at 08:15, and said he had Tongan and Australian flags for sale. It was only after we'd parted with the money that he said his daughter made them. I don't know how old his daughter is, but they look like something my grand-children would do for a project in Play school! The Union Jack is of course upside down, but if I fly it high enough the Customs may not notice and I won't have to surrender (well, I will obviously have to surrender much of my food and probably some cash as well).
Surprisingly few other ships around. I do like listening to antipodean VHF speak. Lots of ' Do you copy/' and 'Roger that'. Steak for supper tonight and then there is very little fresh food to upset the quarantine people. Opinion is divided as to whether meat in tins is 'carne non gratis.' We shall see.