La Corruna

CR and KN Williams
Mon 17 Jun 2019 19:03

43.22N 8.24W

17th June, 2019

Another 40 mile bash to La Corruna where we’ll stay for a few days.

There are several marinas in the bay and two in Corruna itself; we very definitely got lucky and chose the better, right in the middle of town.

We got our sightseeing done early and found Sir John Moore’s tomb and a small castle. The old town is clearly run by an English Heritage lookalike that allows no tat shops and very few cafes, almost none in the open air despoiling the otherwise empty streets; luckily we found one and has a very pleasant lunch in the sun, for once with almost no wind. Clare says this should not be taken as a sign that the weather is ‘looking up’.

The ‘fridge has definitely packed up needing a new £600 compressor (why is it you can buy a whole 'fridge in Argos for <£100?). Fortunately the separate compressor for the freezer is still working, so it can keep the adjacent fridge cool.

The wind is once again in our face but we must go tomorrow anyway.