At last a decent hop Northwards

CR and KN Williams
Mon 17 Jun 2019 18:37

43.08N 9.11W

14th June, 2019

Unsurprisingly the alternator couldn’t be repaired and Jose seemed doubtful he could easily find a new one. Clare determinedly found one in Southampton on Friday 

and the chap said it would be here by Monday. DHL used some people called ParcelBroker and between them it took until late Thursday before arriving. We gently pottered around doing not very much in the interval.

We then set off on an uneventful 35 mile motor round Cap Finisterra against the wind, sea not bad. Caraminas is a nice little marina with fuel literally on the pontoon! Didn’t go into town but had burger and chips from a van inside a local yachting exhibition/trade show. Overnight stay only.