Journey's end for this year

CR and KN Williams
Mon 1 Oct 2018 13:58

42.47N 9.03W

Muros, Friday 28th September, 2018

We left Caraminal with some mist which, although not bad, stayed with us until the last hour. C found a bit (10 knts) of beam wind so we had a lovely sail for an hour. This marina is in a busy mussel boat harbour but the town itself is delightful. Only 4 repairs needed on arrival; the generator, the WiFi antenna has come adrift on the spreader, the freezer’s packed up and there is a slowly increasing drip near the stern gland (it might be the prop shaft mounting flange, but I hope not). Our handheld VHF, after 12 years without obviously charging (albeit with almost no usage), has finally run out of battery and won’t charge so we need a new one.

The day after we arrived a chap went up the mast to find the aerial had been fixed on the spreader with aluminium rivets only. By then he’d been at it hour and it was getting dark so we just refitted it as before.

Back in 2006 the guide for the whisker pole sprung out from the mast having also burst its rivets.

In St Lucia they replaced the rivets as below. When we locate these big, presumably, self–tapping screws here we’ll have to do the same to the aerial.