next to, but thanks to the Foreign Office not in, Gibralter

CR and KN Williams
Thu 7 Sep 2017 10:02

36.09N 05.21W

La Linea ( Alcaidesa ), Thursday, 7th September, 2017

Because our passports were stolen and it takes at least 6 weeks to replace them, we can’t go into Gibralter. They have no Consulate here and temporary travel documents are so restrictive as to be all but useless. I couldn’t be more English if I tried and I don’t have a beard or a towel round my head, but there it is.

Uneventful 40 mile motor past Gibralter (just) in reasonable, though initially lumpy, seas. Loads of anchored cargo ships mainly on the Eastern side of Gib, but not as bad as Singapore where there were so many AIS signals the whole chart plotter got overwhelmed and packed up until I turned the AIS off. Got in at 18:30 yesterday. Filled up with diesel. Winch turned out to be the regulator which takes 2 days+ to mend and costs £500 to replace. The marina is more than half empty and surrounded by a semi-industrial wasteland with many roads that go nowhere. It’s at least a mile to all the way round it and of course everything you need is on the other side. There is a nice restaurant in less than ½ mile and a burger van which we have yet to try. The whole place is empty and very depressing.  At only 20 euros a night it is at least cheap.

C wants the tide and current to be absolutely right when we go through the Straits but there are easterlies only for the next three days; thereafter the winds get up and turn west so we have to leave early on Friday ( the winch will have to wait ).

Clare ordered a veal chop for lunch and this is what she got.


Luckily it was delicious! 

We had a hot dog from the ‘burger van’ which was good. The stall didn’t open till 8 pm but was then very busy for 2 hours. Lots of small children and camper vans.