CR and KN Williams
Sun 13 Sep 2009 18:24

17.35S 149.37W


After a rather prolonged stay in the UK we are back in Tahiti at last.

We’ve missed the boat (ha ha) for Fiji, Australia etc for this year so are just going to potter around till November and then haul out in Raietea ( Western end of French Polynesia ) and return to UK for grandchildren, skiing etc.

Meanwhile the list of repairs is endless and growing daily, it took us both a whole day to replace the outside VHF handset. If I ever catch, behind the bike shed, the guy who decides how long preinstalled cables should be, he’s dead meat.


Weather is more or less English Autumn, which suits me fine because upside down in a locker in the ‘stinking heat’ is no fun.


Probably we’ll stay here another week and the head West in very short hops, hopefully Piers Brosnan will still be in Bora Bora when we get there.


Keith & Clare