fin de vacances

CR and KN Williams
Sun 2 Mar 2008 21:55
Clare keeps telling me that I'm not on holiday, but I disagree; anyway they're over. We are in a marina overlooked by a peak that some might find familiar (encl.).
 Curacao is definitely  the Marseille to Bonaire's St Tropez; I prefer the former. We are winning on the boat vs. KNW front. We've mended the f'wrd cabin 12V line and laid a new one into the saloon. The Fischer-Panda, whilst still a little wilful, appears better controlled by the BMV501 battery monitor and even the water keeps flowing.
I think Keith is being a bit fanciful dreaming of Zulus but never mind . Sad to be leaving but it will be good to see everyone again . Had a lazy day at the beach with fantastic snorkelling . Not even out of my depth so it was ideal .