Back in antigua, May 2nd

CR and KN Williams
Fri 11 May 2007 21:15
17:01N 61:47W

Dear All,

Clare and I are back on the boat for the month of May. We are here in Antigua until Tuesday, 8th May heading for Greneda (slowly) to arrive by the last week of May. First stop will be Guadeloupe, then Martinique and St Lucia and St Vincent and the Grenadines. Note the gastronomic influence on the passage plan!

The lobster, at enormous cost, is back in business and, apart from an AIS /C120 interface problem all is more or less intact.

We had Christmas in St Lucia with Tom ,Guy ,Pier and Charlie and New Year in Martinique with lots of champagne.

Bumpy trip upwind to Antigua and landed in a real gem : CatMarina in Falmouth Harbour. Sheltered ,friendly,and great bar restaurant close enough for the baby alarm to work.

Then a week with the Lambs in Antigua including a fantastic meal at Harmony Hall made much more exciting when our boat was not where we left it but gently nudging the beach. Chris manfully pushed the stern out with the dinghy at first

light (also 'high' tide) and all was well.

Cricket in Antigua was fun with Hettie and Steve though the ICC have a lot to answer for. Stadia miles out of town, park and ride from 5 miles away to stop car-bombers, security like you wouldn't believe, no steel bands and stadia only

30% full thanks to astronomical prices by local standards, food disgusting. We lost but that's not unusual. Had a mini flotilla with Thomas', Hollway and Dickinson boats.

Emilia and Horace and Kate spent a week on the boat. She was a real charmer, especially at 2am. She's walking fit to bust but was a little pissed off by the fact that the floor moved all the time. Her excited cries of 'geese' as she pointed to any fan are hugely missed. Had a few good meals but it's a bit fin de saison now.