The Jetstream Chronicles - Part 6

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Fri 8 Jul 2016 11:16

The Jetstream Chronicles – Part 6


We hope everything works out for Peter on True Love – he called us to say he had engine problems approaching Horta and wondered if we had any contacts to assist him – we gave him Duncan’s number at MAYS, who is now on the case. Unfortunately he couldn’t get a tow that night, but had enough wind to reach and anchor in the harbour – fingers crossed it’s a relatively straight-forward problem and he can get back to Lagos ok.


The trip from Teceira began after a few nice prezzies for Andrew’s birthday from Susan (a nice tipple or two to look forward to, plus t-shirts), text messages and phone calls (from the kids, Mother and Sue and Paull – simply wonderful), cards and banners, and a bottle of Bushmills and a really nice t-shirt from Paul and Jackie – had to wait until we arrived in Ponta Delgarda to open that bottle however! Andrew will be well dressed as far as t-shirts are concerned, if nothing else!! Well at least until he wears the nice white one and the usual happens!


On this 95 mile trip we saw:-

  • 2 Ferries
  • Lots of Shearwaters
  • 4 Yachts all heading to Teceira – one with AIS but no lights!
  • 1 Portuguese Man of War – wonder where they’ve all gone?
  • 1 Tern
  • 1 pod of Dolphins
  • 2 Cargo ships


We arrived off the entrance to Ponta Delgarda at around 5:45am (Azores time) after a fine afternoon and overnight sail in good winds and fair seas, probably our best sail of the trip so far. We found ourselves a berth, had a short nap and then cleared in – we do like this place. Busy, but with lots of space and wider and longer than usual berths and pontoons, our aft lines go backwards for a change. Curiously enough we arrived exactly 6 years to the day after our first visit here, way back in 2010, before many of our big adventures!


A day of a brief look around Ponta Delgarda and an early night were in order – none of us had slept much on the trip and the early arrival. We plan to meet up with Ian and Judith (ex. Zourak – a Contest 48, who are holidaying here) and then, hopefully, Patrick and Patricia (Rhi Malti – the boat is just down the pontoon from Jetstream) before we head back to Lagos – exciting stuff.


The next evening we met up and.....what a great evening we had with Jackie and Paul and Ian and Judith, who, it turns out, will also be part of the crew for the Bluewater Regatta later this year on Scarlet with Lyn and David – should be a great craic! A delicious meal was had at a restaurant that had sushi, steaks and pizza on the menu, so everyone was happy, especially us as we had so enjoyed the sushi 2 years ago. A great catch up session, to be sure – really ace.


We hired a car for a couple of days to see the island and spent the first day at the western end seeing the blue and green lakes – Cete Cidades – and very worthwhile, the colours not quite up to the postcards but very pretty all the same. This was followed by lunch in Mosterois, a tour of the northern part of the island, and a drive up the high volcanic peaks near Ponte Delgardo, the Sierra de Agua Pau. Even though it was cold and cloudy up there it was still worth a short visit. Rain swept in from the west later so a damp end to a pretty good day. Oh, and we got the laundry done and the freezer that doesn’t freeze, now does – the engineer remembered us from 2 years ago when he re-gassed our fridge, and the nice lady in the marina office also gave us an effusive welcome as she also remembered us! Wonderful.


Heavy fog greeted us the following day and it took its own sweet time to clear. We headed off to Furnas to visit the hot springs, gardens, lakes, fumaroles and very dramatic scenery – we naturally included a dip in the brownish hot water, emerging smelling slightly volcanic! The gardens were very impressive. A simple lunch, with Paul and Jackie sharing a dramatically large pizza, and we then headed off to the eastern part of the island - some great views, and a fair amount of residual fog, but were able to see a fair bit. Some of the roads were almost non-existent, damage from winter storms still being repaired, some were cobbled and some were newly tarmaced and brilliant to drive on. We could have spent a few more days seeing more of the island, but two days with the car was about the most we could fit in and still prepare for the return trip to Lagos. San Miguel is a most definitely worth a visit and we would like to come back again. The locals all said the weather (fog, rain, etc.) was most unusual, ho hum.


So now we are getting ready for the 6 or so day trip back to Lagos, taking on fuel & water, essential provisions, making some meals to freeze, stowing stuff so it won’t move, etc. and looking forward it. We have certainly enjoyed revisiting the island – the scenery is amazing and the people really friendly, so we have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves here. Unfortunately we couldn’t catch up with Patricia as she was unable to make the trip to San Miguel as her mother has had a serious fall.


Off to mainland Portugal - more in due course.....PS Peter did eventually get back cruising, the problem was a battery issue.


Andrew, Susan, Paul & Jackie

Ponta Delgarda, San Miguel, Azores

Proud to be part of the 48%