Monday good to me

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Mon 19 May 2014 16:01
N25:52:224  W64:20:215
Monday, Monday! Yes its here again, mind you compared with a lot of Monday mornings this is brilliant.  On the minus side we are once again motor sailing as there is hardly any wind, and as our routing goes fairly near, if we weren't going to go to Bermuda we should think about it, with very light winds for the next 3 days....what to do? Easy really, we do want to get to where we are going and, nice as it is drifting about, we are still hoping to at least make some of the rally parties..Andrew assures me that once around Bermuda we should get pushed most of the way to the Azores before we have to start motoring again. So that is why we will need to go to Bermuda and refuel just in case it is more than a couple of days.
What is it with us and rallies? ARC was light winds and slow, the rally to Corunna was very, very heavy and we only get as far as Brest on that occasion, and now we are back to very light winds! Don't follow us!
Well, to be honest, I do want to go and see Bermuda and send some postcards and buy the granchildren a Bermuda flag - I know I can get one anywhere but so far I have managed to buy one in most of the countries we have visited. On the plus side, its a lovely dry day and I have been moved to go boat polishing as its not too hot and not too cold, its just right. I keep dreaming of food and its just as well we are so stocked up.  For brekkie this morning we had scrambled egg, mushroon and ham wraps and we have some lovely beef stew for later.....reminds me, must be snack or lunchtime.
We had a bit of excitement this morning when we spotted another yacht in the distance, this was about and so we hailed them, but unfortunately got no answer, they were busily motorsailing south. Shame really, it would have been to have had a chat.
The birds continue to visit us and we have had several more Shearwaters come by and lots of clumps of seaweed - yes we know seaweed is not a bird!.
P.S. if anyone has our boat card or knows our mailasail email address we would love to hear from you, we had a great email from Phil, Ruth and Ollie yesterday and it was lovely to get some news from home.  Just plain emails with no attachements please, as they are downloaded via satellite.
P.P.S Have given up trolling for now as all we are catching is clumps of seaweed!
P.P.P.S. Over half way Bermuda. Passed the Tropic of Cancer on Sunday morning for those interested.
Andrew & Susan
S/V Andromeda of Plymouth