By the time we get to Horta you'll be snacking/lunching Trini they'll be sleeping maybe eating doubles

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Thu 12 Jun 2014 11:06
N38:22:646  W30:51.592
GPS miles to go: 105
Boat miles done: 1734
I have studiously avoided referring to the next day or so in case I slowed us down again but yes, I must say it looks so very promising, and that, in the fullness of time, with the wind in the right quarter and a good sea, we shall, indeed, taking all relevant things into consideration, actually, and in fact, make landfall tomorrow, at some stage.
Lighter winds are predicted for later today with more wind forecast tomorrow so there may be a small sleigh ride to take us in the last few miles, we shall let you know.
Crikey! Land! Suddenly a whole new vista is opening up again - making tea in a flat environment, even allowing for the odd rocky anchorage. Being able to divest ourselves of several layers of clothing....a clean cosy new made bed.  Ahhh bliss.
The duvets and covers are all ready to put on and then - what ? 6, 8, 10, 12 hours to sleep, all in one go - I wonder if we can now.  The last few days in particular both Andrew and I have tended to wake up after an hour and ask 'Is it time to get up ?'  The surprising thing is that we feel we have been asleep for a lot longer - or maybe it is the age thing.
We shall be taking the time today to drink in our unimpeded view of the North Atlantic from Andromeda. The scene from our cockpit is a 360' vista of pale blue horizon - darkish blue ever changing sparkling seascape, the swells much reduced from the last few days. Clouds of all description circle our world - will we get rain?
The sun as it is rising is creating a golden, silvery. glittering path leading right to Andromea's nose. There is the odd shearwater circling and landing and probably still out of sight at the moment there are dolphins too.  We'll store some of these scenes in our memories and try to capture some with the cameras.
Noises, well after motor sailing for while through the night we are now back under sail and you can hear the lap and tumbling of the water as we create our wake, the prop turning in the background, the dull thud as the odd wave hits us fair and square, a gentle whirr from the wind generators, gurgling from the scuppers. We're not expecting to that sudden wind surge of the a few days ago when we knew that a gust was here just from the sound it made, and hopefully no hisssing sid waves to come splashing in the cockpit.  We might hear the squeaks, splashes and blow sounds of dolphins though.
We didn't see many stars last night as the moon was very full - big and round and yellow, then when it was setting earlier this morning it looked very halloween - a distinct orange colour with clouds creating black patches across it almost like a pumpkin face - blood orange sprang to mind.
We haven't seen another yacht since our first night out, but have seen a couple or so big behemouths.  Mostly its been just ourselves out here almost like we are in a bubble - sometimes we do think 'Is there still anyone else out there in the big wide world?'.
Practicalities will take over in the next day or so as we prepare to arrive. Items will get stored back in their normal spaces, the washing will be gathered ready for the laundry and clean clothes found to put on ready to meet officialdom.  The rubbish will be bagged up for disposal ashore and then there is the cleaning.....
Food wise we are looking forward to treating ourselves to a few meals out. That side of things has gone very well and we will be eating the last of the 'fresh' stuff this evening
I am going to challenge Andrew when I have finished this, to predict what time we will see land.  Most likely I think will be that we will see the loom of the island coming into view and then the lights appearing during the night. Andrew has got so good at the timing of this that he has no takers for a bet these days.
And then of course there is the sheer excitement as we complete this passage - its been a long haul with many hiccups since we got ready to leave Trinidad at the beginning of the year, and if you want to read about all that you can find our blog on the website, under diaries, andromeda903799.
We are looking forward to being in internet land again and catching up on all the news and what has been happening elsewhere. Then the pleasure of phone calls to friends and family.  All this and terra firma under our feet too.
But first there are those last miles to go - just the two of us - with the lovely Andromeda and the big blue ocean and all her moods and guises.
ps. we are almost down to our final milestone but today we passed the 15/16ths done so less than 1/16th to go.
more in due course,
Andrew & Susan - nearly there!
S/V Andromeda of Plymouth - Dances with Waves