Day six and still looking for the elusive wind....

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Sat 27 Nov 2010 12:55
18:46.42N 22:22.0W
..........and we are sure its out there in the mid-atlantic but not necessarily blowing the direction we would all like. We are heading for the Cape Verdes as the generator has given up all intention of co-operating and, tempting though it is to take a hammer to it and call it all sorts of names, we have decided to see if the good folks in Mindelo can effect a repair. Failing that we will try and source a stand-alone unit to run from on deck.
Otherwise things are looking up with numerous dolphin visits and our first, and possibly only fish due to the serious depletion of lures, Yellow Fin Tuna. Although small Phil managed to do the fishmonger bit and produce 4 fillets which we dusted with flour and gently fried in olive oil and served with a squeeze of lemon - lovely and amazingly fresh tasting - we are hooked (sic)! We are trying again but with so many lures lost to the gargantuans of the sea are running low on tempting lure options. Alternative ideas most welcome - silver foil?
At present the seas are calm and winds very light as we drift towards the Cape Verde islands - we are heading for Mindelo and have informed ARC control that we need to divert. Hopefully it will be a quick visit and we can be on our way again - if not the boys may need to review travel options due to the longer time to get to St Lucia. More in due course.
Life has settled into a routine which, for the boys and Susan, involves a good deal of sleep broken by periods of wakefulness. Food is good with a variety of interesting dishes being prepared with the chef's emerging dripping sweat everywhere from the gally - not a pretty sight but it doesn't put you off the food very much and so far very nice the food has been.
Have had good sailing, when there was real wind of course, with the Parasail and are looking forward to setting it again real soon - take note mother nature, we need good wind and soon.
More in due course..........
Andrew - the crew are asleep again!
S/V Andromeda