andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Tue 4 Aug 2009 14:32
Hello everyone, as you can see we made it away from La Trinite and even managed to find the fuel dock and persuade the pumps to accept one of our cards although not our preferred one - that was once we were able to find the dock in the first place. Anyway leaving our berth was fairly straight forward for once as the boat next door obligingly went out an hour before hand and left us plenty of room to play in.  We are now anchored off the lovely islqnd of Houat (pronounced What, yes that is right) and between keeping an eye on transits we are preparing for tomorrow......yipeee. Fingers crossed the wind is due to change direction about midday. Andrew has been busy assembling the wind vane so we have all these extra lines from the stern of the boat, I am really looking forward to seeing it in action and we now have to think of a name for it.  We have called our auto pilot Orion to follow the Andromeda theme and will let you know what we decide on for a name for the wind vane.  Although we have only been here an hour or so Andrew has already spotted a dolphin diving in the distance so next time I hope to report that we have seen them swimming around us.
We will leave you for now, think I will break out one of the champagne bottles to celebrate being in this lovely place and wait for the sun to set, maybe even take some piccies - oooh Andrew has just got a cold one from the fridge so I think it could be martini time.
more next time
Andrew & Susan
S/V Andromeda