Under way again.......

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Thu 2 Dec 2010 12:17
Our diversion to Mindelo proved less than wholly successful as there is no fix for the generator - it turns out that for it to be used at sea it needs a special oil sump installed, something that could not be done in the time we had. We have sourced a small petrol generator - more petrol on board is not very good though - in case the batteries do get really run down. We will just have to be very careful and become a minimalist boat in terms of domestic electricity usage. Still we are under way.
There are 4 ARC boats still in Mindelo waiting for the much vaunted trades to blow, but we have deiced to get going again. Sadly Chris has left us to return to the UK to spend some time with his family before his next rotation to Libya - he will be much missed and it was great to sail down from the Canaries with him.
We didn't re-provision in Mindelo as we wanted to remain true to the spirit of the long trip across - so we ate what we had on board and didn't venture out into the restaurants of the town. We did take on some fuel to replace that we used to motor the last day or so down to Mindelo to get the generator repaired, but the provisions are still ok and we still have some fruit, veg and vacuum packed meat to eat before we start on the tins.
Off to get the sails up.....more in due course - we are now heading SW to try and find the wind.
Andrew & Susan
S/V Andromeda