We still haven't found a working fridge that we're looking for

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Wed 25 Jun 2014 15:41
We will be sending our yellow brick back to the UK today so it has been turned off and will no longer show our position so don't panic if we appear not to move anymore. We will still be posting to our own blog on mailasail.com as well and that will have updated position information when we are on the move and send our posts through our sat phone.

We were very hopeful last night that our fridge worries would be over but this morning it appeared that we may still have a problem.....oh well back to the drawing board as they sa. Nobo who came round yesterday afternoon was very nice and checked out the pump and compressor etc and we seemed to have lost our Freon so he refilled it, now it would appear we may have lost it again.......

It was a bit noisy here a couple of times in the night as some of the really big container ships were manoevering them selves out of the port, I thought it was the fridge going crazy at one point but a quick listen up on deck and I could see what was making the racket. That sort of woke me up so I had a nice read before going back to sleep, meantime Andrew appeared to be zzzzzzing nicely.

Its a lovely sunny day here in Ponta Delgada and we decided to stretch our legs and check out the shopping centre at the top of the hill. It was lovely walk there and we had a brief look round the stores before having lunch and then doing some food shopping. We are now on a mission to eat some of our stores before we buy any more tins at least. It is so tempting with all the lovely things on offer here but we resisted them, well apart from some wine and beer and I succumbed to a couple of orange kitchen bits.

We then had a lovely romp back down the hill to the marina before going to change a gas bottle that we now think may still have some gas in it, very confusing but we do have a few in the lazerette so maybe we have taken the wrong one out. Still lady in the chandlers is convinced that we should check so we will.

We are going out to dinner tonight with the folks from Athenea and shall have a chance to catch up properly, not sure where yet so we will report back.

Other than that the job front is going ok and we are slowly tackling the list, oil change tomorrow I think, and more cleaning.

more in due course,

Andrew and Susan
Andromeda of Plymouth
Ponta Delgada
San Miguel