Lay lady lay, across the still calm bay..........

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Wed 18 Jun 2014 13:44
.....and its pretty calm on the inside of the reception dock.............though it can be a bit bouncy on the outside it seems at times........ah well, sometimes things work out for us.
So we bid a fond farewell to Jan and Annaliese from Anna Sophia last night and they set off for Teceira early this morning after some two weeks here in Horta - they loved the place. We are beginning to get ourselves organised for the next leg - whether Teciera or Ponta Delgada we will decide in due course. We have taken on a little more fuel and got some provisions in - we wanted to see whether we could squeeze in a whale watching tour - nothing this morning, so may be tomorrow. Otherwise it will be when get to the next island.
We are almost ready physically and mentally for the Azores islands - we still need a little bit more time before tackling the last leg to mainland Portugal - still there could be worse places to wait! We met up with the folks from Aragorn today - they had a good trip via Flores and didn't really get hit by any significant weather - hhmm, and they left the same day we did! Ho hum, thats the Atlantic weather for you we guess.
Our painting has lasted the night, so thats good - had a few footprints on it during its creation though - what is it about wet paint that folks want to touch either with fingers or other appendages just to see whether it is wet! Odd isn't it.
Hopefully the folks in Lagos are chilled and relaxed and ready to explore, though we are curious to the reaction to our "telegram" - we are looking forward to getting there soon.
More in due course......
Andrew & Susan
S/V Andromeda