Gimme dat ding, gimme dat.......

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Mon 7 Jul 2014 12:06
N37:41:271  W12:31:589
.......gimme dat ding, gimme dat ................. bump, grind, squeak, snore, crash, sniff, cough, groan, sneeze, grumble, splash, shuffle, hiss, flap, gurgle, tap, sigh, scream, squeal, knock, slap, thump, thud, smack, warble, ting, dong (not Avon though - yes, we are both of an age now), snip, snap, scritch, twang, swish, rumble, whistle, whirr, burp, bubble, whirl, whizz, tinkle, flutter, frapp, click, crack, rattle, sizzle, hum, drip (there's an album title in here), slide, clunk, clonk, zip, radio squawks, yell, shout, beep, boing, velcro (noise), ping-pong ball noise(!?), and other odd, some unmentionable, noises......yes, we have them all and its on the bumpier passages that we tend to hear them all. It's not a quiet life this!.
Tracking some, but not all (naturally!), of all these noises down is a major challenge though, as all to often they seem to be transient and as soon as you home in on one then it stops, and another begins! Then of course the original starts again. The trickiest so far was tracking down a cricket - yes one of those that chirrups at night. Could we find it - it was all over the place, including down the scuppers. As soon as you were within a few inches of it, it would stop chirruping, so it was stop, stay still for 10 minutes and start again - this only happened a few times before we got bored with this game!. Who was leading who on,,,eh? Eventually, after several days, we found it chirruping away at the bottom of Susans bunk. Ah, peace and bliss, until we started moving again of course! We captured it and encouraged it to find other places to explore. It was less than an inch in length but made a noise worthy of one several times bigger. The worst at the moment seems to be the outhaul on the mainsail - it groans and squeaks away unless the main is full and there is plenty of wind - one for the list of things to sort out.
We are approaching Cape St. Vincent, but the forecast is for fairly strong winds overnight so we shall see how things go. We shall be well reefed down, but the seas may also make the passage overnight quite rolly and uncomfortable, so we shall take things calmly over the next 24-48 hours or so. We have seen another yacht after all this time some way off, though they seem to be making the same sort of track as ourselves. We have not seen any other ships though, despite how close we are to the Straits and the coast of Portugal - however this may well change overnight.
A Shearwater is still flying around us and we have a notion, no doubt incorrect, that its the one that crashed into us a while back! Well, we can but dream a bit that its become quite attached to us. Can't we? Bunch of softies really........
More in due course......
Andrew & Susan
S/V Andromeda
a.k.a. Dances with Waves