Is it really December 2015

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Wed 9 Dec 2015 15:45

Is it really December 2015

Wow, is it really December already – time certainly flies around here with everything that’s going on, folks to meet, folks to chat too, films to see, walks to enjoy, maintenance to endure, friends to assist, music to play, songs to sing, Bridge to learn, Domino’s to play, e-mails to write, Facebook to update, bills to pay, fun sailing to organise (a.k.a. racing – but for insurance purposes its “fun sailing”), and Spa’s to enjoy. Busy, busy days. The solar powered Xmas lights are now all over Andromeda – not as bright as some other folks boats, but at least we are in the same mind set as Uruguay – renewable! (94% of Uruguay’s power supplies come from renewable energy sources – an amazing and inspirational achievement given the current Paris climate talks). A very interesting country.......


The main thing we have been doing of late is providing weather and routing information to Tina and Mark on Magic, who completed ARC 2015 at around 9am , this morning  the 9th of December – not necessarily the quickest, nor, in terms of things happening on the boat, the easiest, but they did get there in one piece and with all the crew that set off! Despite what many may say about the ARC, anyone crossing nearly 3000 miles of the Atlantic does not do it lightly, nor without huge respect for the sea, the weather and their own vulnerabilities, experiences and capabilities. The trip is likely to have changed them, and indeed perhaps their crew, but it is a significant undertaking and we are delighted they are there, in good heart and ready to enjoy the Caribbean – well, for a while at least when the repairs are completed. We have been there!


The usual routine of activities has been maintained – walking, social stuff, and now Susan has started Pilates as well – involves stretching it seems, but she and few other ladies “wot do” are now regulars at the local gym and pool. Andrew, well he just keeps stretching his credibility. The Music Group has seen a couple of new folks coming along bringing a new dimension to the group, and some great new numbers have been developed.


Plans for Xmas involve a dip in the sea and a beach BBQ – about 10 hardy folks will partake and no doubt some pictures will emerge of beaming, shivering, blue skinned souls in due course. The BBQ currently sounds most appetising!!! We(!) are thinking of a New Years Day dip as well – assuming we survive the one on Xmas Day – I’m not sure where these ideas come from.........


A very sad sight on the beach this morning during the “Dawn Patrol’s” daily walk, a not fully grown Leatherback Turtle was washed ashore – most sad given their decreasing numbers. Even though it was quite large (1.5m+ or so), it reminded us of seeing the females laying their eggs in Trinidad. That was an awesome and humbling experience – they are much, much bigger than you may think.


We had a rare evening out at a posh venue in support of the local NANDI Charity organisation, as we have come to know a few of the volunteers since we have been here; Andrew was squeezed into trousers and a shirt with a bow tie – resisting all the time as many will understand, and Susan was able to put the glad rags (guess the colour!) on and have a good old jig about to favourite numbers. A very well organised event and the food was very good indeed. Our evening followed a busy day as usual with Andrew having just returned from a long day’s racing in a Cork 1720 (Carnage) looking a bit haggard, well pretty much shattered actually -  (it wasn’t one of Carnage’s best days with a few human to technology interface issues – the spinnaker wouldn’t  hoist properly due to a wrapped halyard and instead went into the sea – not good, especially when it happened a second time, and then a third......don’t ask! – we did get it hoisted eventually and were surfing at  > 10-15 knots down the waves, but well behind the fleet – the combined age of the three crew on the boat was 180+ years in our defence!).  Paul and Jacqui from Jetstream (a Contest 44) invited everyone on board for a pre outing drink and mixed a mean aperitif involving Peach Schnapps, fruit juice, ice and bubbly – my word did that go down easily, far too easily, as Susan may, or may not, remember. It didn’t have name before, but it will always be known as “A Jetstream” around here from now on – one for Xmas morning perhaps.  Wow! All of Andrew’s aches, and there were many, from the day’s racing were very soon forgotten, and even he got up for a few dances!! As is usual we didn’t win anything in the raffle – however the cats will be fed for a while. The flashing Bow Ties went down a treat – one of Susan’s inspirations!!


We were very saddened to hear of the impact of Desmond on the Lake District and the North West – we do very much miss that part of the world.


In the meantime we wish anyone reading this blog a very happy festive season however you will be celebrating it.


More in due course.........


Susan and Andrew

Andromeda of Plymouth