Day 21 - blue horizons..........

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Mon 13 Dec 2010 14:55
Another day of celebration as we passed below the 1000 miles to go according to our gps, so our came the glasses and another small bottle of bubbly suitably chilled of course. We did over 140 miles on the gps yesterday as well  and will have to see if we can keep it up.   Today's treat is a shower once the sun has heated the water for us.We were looking forward to it yesterday but with it being squally and overcas we decided to wait for the sunshine, so as you read this you can imagine us under the clear blue skies bathing in lovely refreshing water and being dried mostly by the gentle breeze over the deck, which simultaneously colls you down too.......can't wait for my turn.
No new wild life to report and so far the last few days Andrew has failed to charm a flying fish into jumping into the sails and on to him.  We have seen very many of them skimming over the ocean and it is fascinating to see how far they can 'fly' and quite spectacular when a shole shoal leaps out of the water together, it looks a bit like someone has just skimmed about 50 stones across a pond.  We still see the odd bird or two skimming over the waves no more that a metre or so above them.  We haven't tried to repeat our success/failure on the fishing front becasue we have been deploying our towed generator and can't put lines over the back of Andromeda with it out but as we have just bought it in for a while maybe we will have another go with our one remaining lure.
We have been busy looking at the position reports of our various friends and so far Nakesa, Alice and Karinja have all arrived in St. Lucia, hope they keep some rum for us.It has been intereting to watch the position reports and just see how wide spread everyone was but of course now we are all converging once again.
We have all been acquiring bruises on this trip the latest of which has been Andrew who tried again to get rid of a toe nail the hard way.  He is now sporting rather fetching blue covering on the affected digit which will hopefully keep it out of any more trouble, willl have to see if I can rig up a light on it for night time just to be really sure none of us accidently treads on it.
Thanks to everyone who has been emailing us, it is nice to know there is still a world out there somewhere.  So far we have had emails from Portugal, Canaries, USA , England and Scotland, is there anyone else out there somewhere else?
Now its time for another sit in the sun with a cold drink, my turn at Mr Bloggy over for now.
and for some reason queue 'little green bag'............................
Bye for now
Andrew & Susan and the crew
S/V Andromeda