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andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Sat 31 May 2014 15:12
N:32:45:579    W58:02:432
Boat miles  360                                GPS miles to go      1473
Andrew wrote about the corkscrew effect yesterday but it had nothing on what awaited us this morning, if any one wants any ideas for a new ride at a theme park,  they should come out here to this corner of the Atlantic and try out the sea, she is awesome.  We were bucking and diving and rising and falling and twisting back and forth, good job Susan appears to have got over her sea sickness is all we can say.
Busy day today, first of all we are going to say a very Happy Birthday to our Grandson Oliver who is one year old today, we hope he has a great party later on when his cousins, Shayla (nearly 3) and Amayah (just over 1 year old herself) are coming down to have some fun. We will be with you in spirit.
We had a visitor in the middle of the night, we had just changed watch when the lazy sheets from the genoa seemed to move, odd Susan thought, then sje thought something had blown away or was escaping. Andrew came back up into the cockpit to have a look and there sat on the side deck was what we believe to be a shearwater, calmly looking at Andrew's red light. There was no way we were doing anything in the dark so we just left him to it and sometime in the next hour he very quietly left. Obviously didn't fancy a trip to the Azores then, and didn't say good bye, but left payment of the ususal sort.  Make change from flying fish though..
Now as promised yesterday here are the results of our competitions.
Best turned out at sea - this is awarded to Andromeda  who always looks good especially undersail and is only let down by her raggedy looking crew at times.  Well done Andromeda, you win a luxurious wash and polish at the next appropriate place.
Longest Queue - well Susan thought this would be a lot closer since she has been plaiting Andrew's hair to stop the tangles, and here is the news you have been waiting for.
Independently measured using the same tape measure:
Andrew's is 32cms long and Susan's a whopping 42 cms long.
Well done Susan. Susan expressed real surprise at the result as she had convinced herself that Andrew's hair was longer than hers, though not always obviious as he has beautiful curly hair, where as Susan's is as straight as tap water. 
Susan's prize is a deluxe shampoo, condition and head massage at a place of her choosing.
Best croakie moustache - this was a hotly fought contest between Susan and Andrew, with Andrew declared the winner for his very ecletic twisty blue affair with Susan the runner up in her thin orange line moustache.  Hopefully pictures will follow when conditions calm down a bit.
In the meantime we hope everyone in Horta had a great time on the tour and that you will all raise a glass on our behalf at your prize giving tonight.Many congratulations to the winners.
Andrew & Susan
S/V Andromeda