All Around My Cockpit I will wear the wet washing

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Sat 17 May 2014 16:09
N22:36:378 W64:21:406
It was a bit like a chinese laundry in the cockpit this morning as we put out our oillies to dry off a bit.  We did think we might get through a night without a downpour but true to form at 4ish this morning the wind suddenlyhowled up from 9/10ish to 20 knots in seconds and then threw water at us, on a change of watch as well so we both got soaked.  It is drying lovely now and we are  bobbing about with light winds again so only making 3.5sog.
We had another lovely afternoon yesterday which was livenend up for a few hours by a brown noddy bird that came to visit us.  He kept flying over and around us then plumped himself in the water nearby only to take to wing again when we had moved on and do the same manoevure all over again, then just as suddenly he got bored with us and went off. No other wild life sightings and we still have the pink lure out at the moment.
One thing we do enjoy at sea is the variety and different meals we have, very dependent on what the weather and sea state are as there are only two of us on board. Before we set off again we boiled a dozen eggs and put them in the fridge and so for the first few days we have fun making different dishes with these staples.  With the sun warm and the blue sky it was just the time for egg mayonnaise and tomato sarnies for tea.....yum.  Breakfast this morning was a bit different though. Andrew volunteered to do the honors and when the smell of cooking but not bacon reached me in the cockpit he popped his head up and said, I don't think its bacon I am cooking, I got it out of the small box - hmmm. So that is why we were having pork and apples sarnies for breakfast, very lovely and tasty they were too, especially with the apple sauce, I expect we will have bacon and eggs for tea instead one night,
With several boats having delayed their departure from Bermuda we are wondering if we might actually catch up with some of them before the Azores.
Now its time for another snooze methinks before my next stint on the wheel.
Andrew & Susan
S/V Andromeda