Baby its cold outside....oh no it isn't but it is in the fridge now....

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Fri 27 Jun 2014 19:00
Yes we now have a working fridge again after an heroic effort by Nobo to sort it out. Turned out we needed a new filter, freaon and then it needed to be recalibrated but now it is back to keeping the wine and beer cold again, yippeeeeee. We feel so lucky to have found Nobo so quickly and he was available and turned up to do the job, we have done our fair share of waiting for days for someone to arrive.
Now that the fridge id sorted we can do the last of the few jobs we have left, it's very hard to concentrate on these when you have someone else working on your boat,they always seem to need to be where you would like to work. Anyway we can also take a bit of time for some R & R, who knows we may even go the the cinema or hear some live music.

I got on with a few off boat chores today, I utilised the lovely washing machines here, and I don't think our stuff has spent an hour and a quarter in a machine for ages, you usually only get about 30 mins in the Caribbean, the clothes have got to be so clean after that.

I really enjoy the shopping her in Ponta Delagada. The huge shopping centre is one thing but then there are the myriad little streets with all sorts of interesting stores to look round amongst all the lovely old buildings and churches. It makes it very interesting. And then there is the wonderful market with such fresh fruit and veg, its so nice to shop just for today and go back again the next day for some more.

We caught up with Thomas and Annie today, Thomas is the guy who sourced and fitted that lovely new reckmann roller furler for us back in August 2010, you know the one that ended up at the bottom of the Atlantic just a few months later..... it was really good to chat to him and we are looking forward to seeing his expanded premises on Monday.

So now its back to a bit of relaxing and enjoyment for us aboard Andromeda.

More in due course,

Andrew and Susan
Andromeda of Plymouth
Ponta Delgada