Day 16.........oh what a night......a bumpy night at that

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Wed 8 Dec 2010 14:30
14:13.12N 35:10.45W
We went through some 14 hours of squalls and rqain and bouncy seas last night which has left everyone very tired - we did not see the weather system on the forecasts we had seen nor saw them on the grib files so were taken a little by surprise. The night was very dark - no moon - so it was very difficult to wsee where one squall ended and the next began so headed NW to try and get out of the way of the system as soon as possible so have not made as much westing as we would have liked. This is the challenge for the next few days - make up for lost time. We heaved-to on two occasions to let some squalls go through and managed to get the towed generator line stuck around the Aries windvane and had to cut it free before to much damage occurred - thankfully we have a spare - job for this afternoon.
We now understand that flying fish are know as a glyde in answer the questions when does a shoal become a flock - it doesn't as its always a glyde. This from our resident google-meister back home in blighty - many thanks.
There are only three in the beard growing competition as Nick decided to shave yesterday - Phil leads, Andrew is second and Susan doesn't seem to have started.....time marches on!
We recognise that we are one of the slower boats due to our generator problems and so we do pass on our apologies to frineds, family and better halves for the hassle and grief we are causing due to our less than speedy passage - sorry folks, will do all we can to try and improve things.
Happy to say that the beer has not yet run out, that the food Susan and the boys have been preparing has been great and the company very convivial, if a little smelly at times - yes its wash day today....hurrah!! Ah the joy of being clean for a while is wonderful and something to definitely look forward to by everyone.
Missive ends, more in due course
Andrew & Susan
S/V Andromeda