Day 19 - This isn't one of my tricks. It's one of my illusions!

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Sat 11 Dec 2010 14:51
14:11.79N 41:35.14W
We were around the Papa Atlantic Weather zone in the middle of the Atlantic when the cravings began to take hold.
I remember saying somrthing like "I feel a bit light-headed", and then there was a terrible roar and the air was filled with what looked like giant pork-pies and pizzas. They were all swooping and diving, and a voice was yelling "Holy Jesus! What Are these goddamn animals!"
At the moment the boat seems to be trying to mimic the fairly infamous set-piece in Inception as the passengers of a van go into an end over end spin causing gravity to distort very badly within the dream being used and as such what constitutes walls and ceilings is constantly changed as the corridor rotates in sync. Things have never been quite that bad (if they had you'd probably be reading this from a lift-raft if at all), but there have certainly been moments when the floor is really doing it's best to become a wall. Incidentally go and watch Inception if you haven't seen it. Some of the dialogue is clunky, there's the odd bit of overly exacting explaination, but otherwise it's great. Oh also Scott Pilgrim (but you knew that anyway didn't you?).
Life on the boat is currently a bit easier, despite the Inception-like movements. We have the steering hooked up to a weather vane which is steering dependent on the wind, which both gives us less stress to keep the boat on course, but also allows us to move faster as the boat now copes with wave motion faster then we could (and can use the wind - we could start the autopilot up, but that will really drain the batteries in addition to requiring us to motor - which we are saving for when we need it). On the other hand the lesser attention to where the boat is going does not necessarily give us ample free time - we kind of have to keep some attention on the wind-speed (which is now almost paradoxically in danger of making us move *too* fast - we briefly crested 8.8 knots yesterday which is approaching the limit the boat can tolerate), and watching anything on a laptop screen in the day is troubled by the light level in addition to the now more regular threats of rain, and ocean which due to everything else now has more opportunity to sneak aboard - particularly at night when we really can't see it coming) - so progress with Arrested Development has been slow.
S/V Andromeda