andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Tue 11 May 2010 17:03
36:10.974N 05:56.019W

Here we are in Barbate after an interesting motor sail from Rota. We left
our berth early this morning- ok - well 9ish and went round to reception
to check out. The wind was very kind and we left G29 as we planned and
with an audience for once........

Outside Rota harbour the sea was a bit lumpy in places but soon smoothed
out a bit as we played let's spot which ships have got their AIS turned
off (all the Spanish Navy ones) and having negotiated our way out we lost
count of the ships we saw, they were however having firing practise and
Andrew saw a splash where one of the shells landed - needless to say we
scarpered as fast as you can at 5knots (5 nautical miles - bit longer than
land ones).

The weather was surprising good after the thunder, lightning and downpour
in the night and the sun even came out.

The wind stayed behind Andromeda and wouldn't keep the sails full so it
was motor sailing today watching the world go by. No dolphins today but
great excitment when we caught our first glimpse of Africa - Morocco to be
exact. Then it was all hands on deck (well the one hand not steering)
(guess who) to get everything ready to go into Barbate. On the way in
Susan was waving at all the fishermen leaving and they seemed very
appreciative and waved back. Susan also did a good bit of lassooing to get
Andromeda tied up to the reception pontoon and we booked in.

It wasn't long till all the usual arrival jobs were done and we explored
the harbour, well the bit to the bar and the wifi connection anyway.....

So now its time for tea with a spectacular view from the bar balcony, a
brilliant vista across the bay, blue sea, blue sky, sunshine and some good
food coming up....what more could we ask.....

Susan And Andrew

s/v Andromeda of Plymouth