May update...

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Thu 21 May 2009 10:00
We have now moved into the flat - moving day was very tiring even though
the flat is less than a mile from the house we've just sold. We are still
commuting between Reading and Poole as Susan is still working at the flat
- at least until the 22nd of May so we are having some logistical
challenges getting things sorted out on andromeda. However the engine and
generator have now been serviced and a tender sourced. Orders have been
placed for the radar update which hopefully will be completed early next
month. The PC is up and working and we've been tried the satellite phone a
few times but there are still a few things to be finalised.

We took andromeda's sails off when she was lifted and have been wating for
some windless days to get them back on - the winds have not been kind in
this respect but we hope when we next on the boat for a few days we can
both get the sails back on and the rigging tuned so we can get out for
sail and see how things are. The windvane has been serviced but there is a
problem with the autopilot to be sorted and the Ampair whcih is fitted as
a towed water generator also needs attention.

Its another milestone this week as both Susan and I are not not working
(retired) from Monday onwards - countdown is still running and its getting
ver shorter with still much to do. It was quite strange seeing our name on
the Biscay Triangle website - can't back out now!

We do have a small amount of water in the boat - fluid gremlins methinks -
which we are trying to track down though water is notoriusly difficult to
trace - however re-caulking parts of the deck appear to have stopped some
of the leaks where small amounts of water appear in cupboards and under
bunks. Still a few to track down, though following last weekends downpours
were certainly know that the hatches definitely need re-sealing - sogging
beds are not particularly nice to sleep in.

So still lots to do, including climbing the masts and sourcing the last of
the key safety items we need, will keep us busy for the next month or so.

More in due course.

Susan and Andrew