Day three and slow progress......

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Wed 24 Nov 2010 12:39
22/;57.5N 18:06.9W
(Sorry about a lack of position yesterday - generator problems)
We are still slowly cruising along south in order to hopefully make up a little time when we catch the trade winds!
We had an eventful evening yesterday - after spotting more dolphins at dusk yesterday, we think that they have been the cause of our lost fishies! A definite bite last night was whisked away to the side last night as we reeled her in and we think we saw a dolphin as we lifted what was left of the line out of the water. A shame though, there was definitely a large fish on the end of the line at one point, big enough to slow us down by a full half knot.
We then spent a good chunk of the evening being stalked by a slow ship of one form or another which seemed determined to sail on our course and grudgingly bore away before getting too close. After that distraction, we were then faced with a much bigger container ship coming directly towards us, at closest approach it was only 960 meters away. That may sound alot but this was a very large ship, it was looming over us at that distance and we could hear her bow wave breaking... Nervous times.
Much brighter day today though, plenty of sun, but we could do with a touch more wind. Dad has got the generator working again which has relieved our power worries for the time being. Fingers crossed we will manage to land a fish today before it is snatched out from under us by those enterprising dolphins.
Hope everyone back at home is ok, missing you all.
S/V Andromeda