Day 23 - what a difference a day makes.......

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Tue 14 Dec 2010 16:01
What an interesting 24 hours! After our previous storming 24 hours of sailing we were all a little disappointed as the wind died down and the hard work begun! For most of the afternoon and all night we were hand steering as the wind was too flukey for Vanessa to handle and it took lots of concentration to keep us on track and at a reasonable speed. Settling in for the night we had the return of the squalls and at times got rained on, which is always fun, and when the wind did return it did so with speed! On a couple of occasions we suddenly found ourselves going from a floundering 3.5knots to 7 knots in a very short space of time! The speed was most appreciated and we enjoyed it while we could, but sadly it was generally only in short bursts. The early hours of this morning were also a little different in that they were Dark. Clouds passed over us and the moon had set and so it became hard to discern between anything apart from a vague horizon. The dawn thankfully brought a stronger and more consistent breeze and this morning we have zoomed along nicely. Myself and mum also made a big mess making bread which is currently rising and waiting to go into the oven! A treat to look forward to!
S/V Andromeda