Flares, Liferafts and Friends

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Wed 30 Apr 2014 19:53

Today was the flares demonstration and the orange ones got our vote,and they were pointed out to us by several other participants. The difference in the red hand-held ones was really surprising - solas every time we think as well. To cool off there was a life raft demonstration in the pool, we remember our sea survival course so well so didn't volunteer first. But then they wanted a sixth person in the water so Susan stepped up to the plate, or rather jumped into the pool, wearing one of those lovely life jackets with no crotch strap, at least she held on to it really tightly this time. The crocodile swim was fun and then she was hauled into the liferaft, phew that was a bit easier than with full oilies and sea boots on. Getting out of the snug life raft compartment was a relief. Good demonstrations and a useful reminder to us all.

Just as we were thinking about lunch our friends from Rih Malti called, they are staying in Village Cay marina, and they had a car for the day so came to visit. We had a very nice lunch at Peg Legs and are now looking forward to the volley ball this evening, if it cools down a bit.

More in due course,

Andrew and Susan
Andromeda of Plymouth
Nanny Cay

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