The Only Way is UP

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Tue 27 May 2014 20:01
In the middle of the night when you find yourself on the floor of the cabin having somehow fallen out of your bunk yes...the only way is up...It was a bit of a shock as I managed to stay firmly in place when rocking and rolling about on the high sea although I did fall off in the cockpit once in Barbados and really bruised my back....but last night, there we were tied up to a dock, I was having a great sleep and suddenly I am on the floor very confused. I didn't wake Andrew so he thinks I may have dreamed it.

Anyway today we decided to catch a bus down to Hamilton, the capital of Bermuda and have a look round whilst we were here. What a surprise, a very modern city which felt very like home, mainly due to the Marks and Spencers I expect, and I spotted GAP too. We had to go have a look round and in the food department I found some proper custard creams, I am going to enjoy them with my tea in the mornings...hopefully a few mornings. We also tracked down some maynards wine gums for Andrew so we are both happy bunnies today. We have been living full time on Andromeda since 2009 going back to the UK to visit family once a year but most of the time we have been either in Trinidad for the hurricane season or up the islands and I do miss the shops occasionally and thoroughly appreciate them when I get the chance. Fortunately for our bank balance we are still getting over the trip, so only spent a short while looking around as we needed to come back and make sure everything is ready for our departure tomorrow.

We have now been to pay the towing bill (nice surprise there) and have a last look round St. Georges which I must say is a very quaint place and the only place we have been where we found a good old fashined wool shop, its a pity it was closed, or maybe that is a good thing from what I could see in the window...well another reason to return me thinks.

We have reprovisioned yet again and are eager for an early night and early start.

The weather is looking promising........

More in due course,

Susan and Andrew
Andromeda of Plymouth