A bit of a mish-mash............

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Thu 26 Jun 2014 15:55
An overcast day today after yesterday's sunshine - we still don't quite yet have a working fridge, but the solution is not far off we have been assured! We shall wait and see!
We said goodbye to Athenea last night in a small restaurant in the town, and a nice evening it was too. They are off today for Lagos, then onto France for Schengen reasons, but they may be back in Lagos at some stage so we will certainly look out for them.
Numerous calls yesterday about returning the YellowBrick tracker, so, as was noted yesterday, there will only be daily updates to our progress once we leave the Azores. At the moment the weather in the next week is not brilliant for us as after today the winds die away to almost nothing. So we will keep an eye on the next weather opportunity and then go for it - whether this involves visiting Santa Maria, we shall see. We are fueled up and have water and only need a few bits and pieces to be ready
So today we carried on with some work - engine oil change, saloon table repair and Susan has been exploring the town as I waited for the fridge repair man to come along, leave and then return.....we that was the plan anyway.
As some of you can see we are dutifully visiting the bars and restaurants around the marina to maintain our web and e-mail presence - some scpetical e-mails about the necessity of this endeavour have been received, but we can assure you it is most necessary!
And of course happy birthday to Nick - we shan't mention the number of years for now......!
More in due course......
Andrew & Susan
S/V Andromeda