Day 14 and we still await the trades, having used up all the baked beans we had on board......

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Sun 5 Dec 2010 14:23
14:19.15N 29:45.79W we now contemplating getting the crew overboard with flippers on but are stuck for an incentive - we had thought of offering a sunshine holiday but the red noses soon saw that idea off the table. Still we will persevere.
We are promised, aren't we always, favourable winds so we await these with keen anticipation. At present we have the main and genoa up as we wait for the inds to settle before getting the parasailor up. It works fine but does need a bit of a blow to do itself justice.
On the domestic front the beard growing competition is doing well with Phil in first place followed jointly by andrew and Nick with Susan a distant fourth - I'm sure the rules were explained to her, but progress is non-existent - must do better methinks.
The cycle of watches is pretty much established now with a good deal of sleeping whenever folks can grab a few minutes. Meals are good and we are almost at the end of the vaccuum packed meat from Las Palmas - then we start on the tins and maybe Andromeda's waterline witll get above the water where it should be - the amount of provisions we have on board has noticeably made her lower in the water - still given the length of this trip over provisioning was the right call.
We are just about keeping the batteries charged by being a "minimalist yacht" which means head torches only, no reading at night, only instruments, radio, Iridium and navigation lights on and the fridge on its lowest setting by using the wind generator, solar panel and towed generator (at night) - however we have very little to spare so have reluctantly not participated in the SSB net for a while, as its pretty power hungry on transmit, while we worked out a power management regime that would work. We will try and improve as we move west.
The crew do sleep a lot - we think its so that when they wake up they will be further west than we are - off to sleep now......
Andrew & Susan
S/V Andromeda