All along the waterline........

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Tue 3 Jun 2014 14:02
N34:59:496   W51:48:962
Boat miles:- 709
Miles to go:- 1135
All along the waterline
The dogged crew kept watch
Cresting waves were approaching
Some squalls and showers too.
Outside in the cold distance
A ragged wind began to howl
More cresting waves were approaching
And a Shearwater or two?
(apologies to Bob)
Well we were told by the weather folks that we were in rough weather for the next 24 hours and could expect big winds, showers and squalls etc. As if we needed anymore. And we did. It got to the point, after 4 hissing sids deposited water all over me in the cockpit in less than 4 minutes that we decided too heave to to get some rest, drink some hot chocolate and wait for daylight - it was pitch black and we couldn't see the genoa at all. This sort of worked in that the motion of the boat calmed down and we could get some sleep. By first light the wind and sea had calmed somewhat so off we went once more, heading east. Midnight at the heave-to - needed to get that one in1
We were greeted a little later by a pod of small grey spotted dolphins which is always a pleasant sight to lift the spirits. We are sailing but hitting a lot of waves thrown up by last nights winds of up to 29 knots, so its noisy, not very quick and we are bouncing around all over the place, but Vanessa is doing her stuff very well, thankfully. Things should calm down a bit later today.......well, we are a little sceptical it must be said. Things are beginning to dry out as we have a little sunshine at present. It seems like Andromeda is gavotting today, though she was pirouetting the other day according to Susan.
We are a little intrigued by the Shearwaters. We invariably see two, rarely three, at a time wheeling and skimming the waves whereever we are - but are they the same two or are we simply moving from one area of the sea used for food hunting by one pair to another used by another? Could one of them be the one that crash landed on us a while ago? Curious.
Good news though - we completed over a third of the trip now........
Andrew & Susan
S/V Andromeda
a.k.a. Dances with Waves