from La Caruna to Camarinos

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Thu 20 Aug 2009 18:35
43.07.962N 09.10.614W
The adventures continue, we set off from La Caruna and headed for the
fuel dock only to find that they couldn’t fill us up until 10 o’clock so
we had to sit and twiddle our thumbs. Fortunately a guy we knew from
Neilson in Nidri came past and we caught up with each other’s news he is
doing the Narc to the Caribbean this autumn.
We waved goodbye to La Caruna and hope to go back again sometime and set
off on the ocean waves headed for Camarinos as a stepping stone to round
Cape Finisterre. We had a cracking sail and approaching the last head
land had over 30 knots behind us which was fine until we had to turn into
the wind to get the sails down when it was a bit hairy. The wind was
blowing too strong to get into the marina so we anchored off with about 10
other boats in the bay. All was fine until it got dark (wouldn’t you
know) and the tide dropped and we found ourselves short of water so up
anchor and tried to relocate ourselves, unfortunately there was an
unmarked shallow bit where we went aground and struggled to free
ourselves, which thankfully we did (with a horrible scrapping sound from
the keel). We re anchored elsewhere in the bay with a bit more water below
us and then did anchor watch through the night. I got the good bit when I
saw the sun come up and everything looked great. We had a lovely lazy day
to recover from the night and the folks from Lucy Alice came visiting for
tea and a chat before we were able to get to bed properly that night. We
have apologised to Andromeda profusely and hope she forgives us.