It's the sea Jim, but not as we know it!

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Sat 24 May 2014 16:28
N31:45:377   W65:02:186
Very true Bones, this sea is not like any we have experienced to date - corkscrew motion with a whole chunk of sideways roll that make it very challenging to move around the boat. The sea is on the strern port quarter with short steep waves over the underlying ocean swell, which is why we are rolling quite so much - so far over 24 hours and a few to go too.
We have Klingons on the starboard bow captain. Yes, thank you Mr Sulu, we on earth know them as barnacles - and very tenancious and sharp little beasties they are too!
Yes, sea madness has kicked in and we've been thinking about silly quotes that seem to live on in many peoples memories - ours included. So forgive us these little foibles if you can.
It's the sails, Jim, they cannea take it! Well Mr Scott they have to and I want more from them, so back to your station if you will.
The wind from this direction is anything but constant in its direction - it veers and backs over about 15 degrees which makes sailing downwind a bit of a challenge at this time. We only have the genoa up as the main blankets it otherwise and we get better direction from the genoa and less flapping around. This is not to say we still don't get the flapping. We had the mizzen up for a while, but Andromeda was not well balanced at all and without the Vanessa coping - which she doesn't that well with this wind angle, we have to hand steer. So the easier and lighter the helm, the less tired we are and the fewer mistakes we make - though we
ratchet up quite a few.
So after a luvverly bacon and egg wrap for breakfast its off to deal with a mutinous dinghy that is attempting to launch itself overboard, clearly worried about the number of quotations from Star Trek being used today. Keel-hauling will be the least of it!
More as and when...we are are resurrecting the traditional of queues and grooming every day, though extra protein has not yet been detected. Andrew really must learn how to plait properly!
Sea Trekking across the universe (Atlantic), boldly going forward 'cos we can't find reverse...........exit stage right while the audience sings along.......
Andrew & Susan
S/V Andromeda