Andromeda - Antigua – Sun, Sea and Sand and the Generator

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Wed 22 Feb 2012 16:16
Andromeda - Antigua – Sun, Sea and Sand and the Generator

We arrived in Antigua with what we thought was plenty of time to get our
generator sorted out before Sue and Paull arrived for their holiday with
us. Well we thought wrong as it happens. Having originally thought we
would just get an idea of how much it would cost and if it really was
repairable we suddenly found ourselves at the dockside and the generator
winched off Andromeda. A few days later we were back at the dock to put
it back on board with the news that a new pcb, capacitors and mounts were
being ordered. The good news was they were coming from the States and
should only take a few days to arrive.......most of the stuff did arrive
in a couple of days, but not all the mounts so we had another wait for
these to arrive. Once this package was delivered it was discovered that
the mounts were the wrong ones and there were none in the USA so would
have to be shipped from the Netherlands.

Meanwhile we got on with our preparations for our visitors and made
Andromeda very ship-shaped and gleaming. We had arranged to hire a car to
go and meet Sue and Paull when they arrived in Antigua and true to form
the day before the parts arrived and so on the Friday Susan held the fort
on Andromeda whilst Andrew drove off to the airport. Navigating was a bit
easier as we had been taken out to the US airbase located right near the
airport when the Tot Club had their meeting there on the evening of the
Superbowl - a slightly surreal experience. Needless to say that inspite of
all our planning we ended up greeting Sue and Paull aboard a fairly busy
Andromeda with various technicians doing their bit aboard – although not
finishing the job and it was Friday afternoon.

Still the sun was shining, the sky was blue and after a short sit onboard
we went into English Harbour for the Tot and for a meal at the Copper and
Lumbar bar.

On Saturday after Oscar had been on board we went for a picturesque drive
to Jolly Harbour where the most gorgeous beach awaited us and a fantastic
dip in the sea was enjoyed by all followed by a visit to the huge
supermarket for extra supplies as we had a vehicle to cart them back much easier than the bus.

Sunday we drove a meandering route to Sting Ray City where we were taken
out to swim with the enormous rays in the bay. The water was a gorgeous
colour, the rays behaving just like cats and after feeding them and having
our photo taken we were able to snorkel around the area, catching sight of
a very friendly 5ft barracuda complete with her entourage of accompanying
fish, a very memorable experience.

The week since has been frustrating as the generator is still not fixed
inspite of various engineers coming aboard and doing their thing...the
latest being that the new pcb board may be faulty. Whilst Andrew has
spent most of the week waiting around to ferry the engineers back and
forth Sue, Paull and Susan have been out and about with bus rides to St.
John’s, walks to Falmouth Harbour and Pigeon beach and many, many swims
around the bay.

We all started by swimming round Andromeda, increasing the number of times
each day and then we got adventurous and have now practically swam
everywhere and frequently swim into the beach and back...we are going to
be fitter.

This last weekend we also walked up to the lookout point above the bay at
Shirley Heights, fantastic views all round after a bit of a steep trek up.
Yesterday we walked to the old fort on the other side of the bay and were
rewarded with lovely views and some delightful humming birds buzzing back
and forth, once again we hope the photos do it all justice.

On the wildlife front we have managed to see turtles, frigate birds, brown
pelicans and the wonderful humming birds and at least one mongoose. We
have also seen a dolphin that occasionally visits English Harbour and who
swam very close to the boat and Sue and Susan who got into the water-

Our latest plan is to see if they can finish the generator by Wednesday
but if not we will be up anchoring and going off for a sail, probably down
to Guadaloupe, the Saints and then back again in time for Sue and Paull’s
return this space. We said goodbye to Graham, Pheadra,
Aston and Atlanta as they head off towards to Bonaire to meet up with
Lesley and James for the trip across the Pacific and we wish them fair
winds and smooth seas.

And latest news, this morning (Wednesday) minutes after Sue and Susan had
been for a swim a whole family pod of dolphins came into the bay and swam
very close to Andromeda, there were at least 6 to 7 in the pod including 2
tiny baby ones...........ahhhhhhhhhhh. It was lovely. Photos will be
uploaded when we get a better internet connection.

More as and when,
Andrew, Susan, Sue & Paull
S/Y Andromeda of Plymouth