Day 8 - Ia! Ia! Cthulhu Ftaghn!

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Mon 29 Nov 2010 13:27
16:53.9N 24:59.8W
My hands tremble at the horrors we have seen! Those blasphemous shapes beneath the water, the non-Eucledian masonry visible through the horribly blue water, squamous hands reaching up from the abyssal depths. And those terrible voices on the wind accompanied with that hideous piping! Tekeli-li!
Well, what do you think? Possibly at sea is not the best time to be writing Lovecraft fan-fiction, but then, currently we're not at sea. Secure in a marina in the Cape Verde islands we await the guy who's going to check the generator to try and get it working. In the mean-time we're leeching power and getting all our assorted devices back into working order.
*slays keyboard*
Anyway. So yeah, this wasn't how things were supposed to work, but with the proliferation of other Arc boats around for assorted reasons (including my current favourite: closer proximity to whales then was wanted leading to the engine belching smoke) - it is very clear we're not alone and thus the marina is doing a sterling trade as we try and buy diesel fuel (as a back-up you understand for when the wind dies. Which it has done a few times now. This is vexing).
This blog is slightly out of sequence as I didn't feel quite sufficiently able to enthuse about the 5 million dolphins we saw on Saturday, but otherwise things are ticking over as normal... only a big question mark looming over how long it will take before we can head out and how much of a delay this will put on our eventual arrival in Saint Lucia... It is quite odd being on (relatively - since we're on a pontoon at present) solid ground again after more then a week at sea. My head is doing it's damndest to compensate for motion that isn't there - meaning the net effect that when sat still it still feels like I'm rolling with the waves. Presumably this will stop just in time for us to head out again and for my senses to go totally haywire when back on the water.
The L costume has been dispensed with for now as it's far, far too warm (and has been for a few days now) and a trip to the showers means my hair is back to something akin to the norm. Elsewhere I feel able to say that Silent Hill Shattered Memories was a good concept, but really restricting monsters to the nightmare sections means all other moments lose tension, the nightmare sections themselves are just irritating as you can very easily wind up going back on yourself and get thoroughly lost, and the androgyonous monsters are... annoying? I don't know  - there's no character to them, all they do is leap on you and presumably nibble. Still, my other gripe must be that the whole game modifiying itself to your psychological profile is a nice idea, but the triggers for some things are far too obvious for their own good.
Which is not entirely relevant to a blog about the encounters of the Andromeda and her crew, but it is at least part of what I've been up to (until the batteries ran out naturally). Anyway, must go, the others have gone and now someone's knocking on the side of the boat - strange it was day-time not a moment ago... there's that strange whispering in the distance again. Oh no!

S/V Andromeda