Boat from another planet

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Sun 15 Jun 2014 13:16
Noon position: Well we think we are in Horta still....
First of all A Happy Father's Day to the Dad's out there, we hope you have a great day.
After a second night's sleep we are still feeling a bit 'spaced' and new aches seem to be appearing, plus the odd bruise we didn't remember getting but on the whole we have nearly got our land legs back, though they seem to feel heavier at the moment.
We didn't do nearly as much as we thought we would yesterday but did wander along to the town to stretch our legs and buy some all important paint.  Good to see that the local shop sells small cans of the stuff especially as we had to get two colours to mix....we shall leave it to you to decide which two colours they were. We then had to go back for a little siesta before meeting up with Jan and Annalise from Anno Sophia for a promised beer at Peter's bar, this turned into a meal as we were all having such a great time. Jan and Annalise are superb company and we hope to repeat this experience a few more times. Jan and Analise have gone out of their way to make us feel very welcome here.
Wearing orange like we do we are used to comments but yesterday was really funny.  We were walking along the walls looking at all the boat paintings when an American guy suddenly asked me if I were I said quick as a flash but we do have a Dutch boat. Oh says he and we carried on, then when we got together with Jan and Annalise it became clear that Orange is on people's minds because of the football, we had obviously misssed all of this but with their spectacular win, the Netherlands and Orange has made its prescence felt, no wonder we were getting so many smiles around town. And so when I had left my jacket at the bar only to be chased by one of the barmen to come and get it the people now at our table said 'How could you have left this behind'....I'm tired I said, and then the table next door said 'Are you Dutch?'  'No' I replied but wasn't the football result great' and there was a big cheer......
So this morning we prised ourselves out of bed and went off to investigate the big wonderful it is too.  We all get used to how things are in our 'home' place and that includes the shopping we can do.  Throughout the Caribbean it is so varied and delightful for that too but there is something about a fully stocked western store that is so enjoyable, the ambience, the choice, the products on offer and of course we are now in Europe so there are plenty of things that you just don't see elsewhere.  Today I was excedingly good and did lots of looking and not too much putting in the trolley but will be back again for a few of those items that were real luxury and priced accordingly in the Caribbean but are quite everyday here.
But for now we are going to try and do a couple of jobs before we are out for a barbeque pot luck on another boat in the marina, its rraining though so maybe we will just have a siesta instead.
More in due course
Andrew & Susan
S/V Andromeda of Plymouth