Day 15....when does a shoal(school) of flying fish become a flock?

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Tue 7 Dec 2010 14:35
13:53.83N 33:24.58W
We have a bit of wind - hurrah - just would like it to change direction a little bit and a little bit stronger and maybe we can zoom a bit more.  Mind you after the last week we do feel like we are zooming.  There is nothing like watching the speed increase upwards and it can get very exciting when you gain .3 of a knot and suddenly get to 4 or 5 again.
We feel a bit like we are living in a snow globe, but without the snow, a sunshine globe then.  Blue sky all around, blue sea all around, a few birds swooping over the ocean and the burning sun beating down, just so long as no-one picks us up and shakes us we shall be ok.
Coming down to do the blog requires a good drink of water before hand and then frequent popping up of our heads out the hatch to catch a bit of the breeze. Today it is definitely a bit like a sauna at the moment but it must be good for us.
Food plays an increasingly important part in the day and we try to have something different and vary our meals. Somedays we have a proper breakfast and somedays its brunch with a snack at teatime before dinner before dark.  We are nearly at the end of our fresh meat now and have ben really pleased how it has lasted then it will be on to tins or maybe some fresh caught fish. Just got to hope that we don't lose any more lures to the ones that get away.  Andrew keeps tempting us by suggesting a lovely tuna salad, with hopefully fresh caught tuna and not the standby tin.  We shall let you know.  Tonight it will be steak with saute potatoes and peas and carrots and after this I will be putting some bread to rise.
So not much else to report, Nick is steadily reading his way through the onboard reading matter, he has read 9 books so far, I have managed 1. Something to ponder, we keep seeing shoals of flying fish, now when they are out of the water do they become a flock, or maybe as they are fish and flying a shock or a floal, is there an official collective name for them? we shall welcome any thoughts.
Andrew & Susan
S/V Andromeda