Sunshine of your Horta

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Sat 21 Jun 2014 15:22
Here we are on our last day in Faial, we were awake early again this morning, a good sign that we are recovered from the journey here. After a leisurely couple of cups of tea and a Saturday morning read in bed, (oh I do miss the newspaper everyday - and checking on line is just not the same....still maybe I shall treat myself to a subscription once we get somewhere with relaible internet) we went to get a bit more fuel just to be sure. This time we timed it just right and there was no delay in filling our cans. Next stop was to get the gas refilled as inspite of carrying several different containers when we changed over to the 'St. Lucia' filled one a few days ago we didn't think there would be a problem as it is a big tank, however when we had all the trouble with the regulator a bit of gas was released and much more that we realised so to be safe we managed to exchanged a small canister today, phew.

So two major things off the list and time for a last wander round the little town and to buy a few very fresh veg from the market that will keep aboard so much better as they haven't been refrigerated.

Walking back to Andromeda along the painting wall I suddenly spotted one by Triple D, Tricha, Alice and Jilli, who were on ARC 2010 and so came here in 2011 on their way back to the UK. Having walked pass their painting at least a dozen times, today I saw it and duly took a photo. Its hard to believe that you can find it hard to spot particular boat painting especially if you are looking but with every available surface covered in new and old artistic works my poor old brain could only take in so much.

After a lovely lunch in the cockpit it was time to get the fuel into the tank and then lift the dingy, all in time for the marina office to reopen so we could check out and pay our dues. That's all done now and we are pretty much set to go early in the monring. The wind is forecast to be quite light but we shall see. We shall certainly be keeping a beady eye open for any whales about and if the sea is fairly flat we may get lucky and see some more, that would be fantastic.

So if off to San Miguel and Ponta Delgarda for us in the morning, a trip of about 150 miles so we will be sailing overnight and hope to arrive around midday on Monday, well that is the current plan.

For now there is the lovely afternoon sunshine to enjoy and I am sure after we have been round to say goodbye to Aditi we will squeeze in one last visit to Peter's Sport Bar.

More in due course,

Andrew and Susan
Andromeda of Plymouth