Day 15..... heading west

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Mon 6 Dec 2010 14:18
13:52.49N 31:40.79W
Having been aiming Andromeda south and west, this morning, we hit 14 degrees north and so turned due west (kind of) towards St.Lucia. The wind however, flet that this would be too easy so we are at times heading a little to the north or south west. We had a break from the parasailor yesterday as the winds were rather inconsistant, but seemed to make good porgress with the main sail and the genoa poled out. Evening brought increased winds, perfectly timed to coincide with dinner (a lovely chilli), and so for a few hours we sped on into the night. It's a strange feeling sailing at speed in the night - at the moment we have no moon so it is really dark, which does mean the stars are amazing when clouds aren't in the way, but the speed feels increased! we diligently keep watch throughout the dark hours and peer at any light near the horizon - but so far its only been brief sightings of yachts or a strange glow of perhaps a fishing vessel. It does make you aware of how important navigation lights are, as any vessel without them, I feel we wouldn't stand a chance of seeing till rather close!
This morning brought another hot and sunny day (sometimes i think the snow sounds nice) and we once again raised the parasailor. We are now clipping along, more or less, due west and hope to eat through some of the miles to St.Lucia.
S/V Andromeda