Musings on fishing......

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Wed 7 May 2014 16:16
N22:14:496 W64:30:235
Having time to think we have been mulling things over and have decided that all in all we are very successful fishermen. So successful that we only catch really bit fish that end up as dinner for even bigger ones.  This fits the facts.  We do catch fish. Andromeda slowed down by a knot when we caught one fish, two people were reeling it in and alomost had it in grabbing distance when a bigger fish came past and just took it.
So far in 5 years of cruising we have landed on the deck, 1 yellow fin tuna, just big for a couple of delicious mouthfulls each. and off Bequia this year we caught something and excitedly started reeling it in only to end up with just the head of a big mahi mahi....we really should have take a photo.  Then we have bought in a couple of loads of seeweed.  The fish however have been doing much better from us, we reckon that they have won at least 25 lures and leaders.
Our current trip tells the same tale....2 lures lost, one was taken by a fish, we heard the reel spinout and then it was gone. The other had caught some seaweed, we got rid of that and put it out the next minute that was taken too. 
We currently have our hand reel  depolyed...Are we optomistic, of course,we are we are....just watch this space.
As for the trip, the wind has dropped to nothing once again....we hope it comes back again soon.
Andrew & Susan
S/V Andromeda