Day 24 - it appears we have been hacked.......

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Wed 15 Dec 2010 15:57
14:13N 50:37W
.......but we are mystified as to how when the only two computers that have the blog e-mail address are on board Andromeda at present, some 600 miles from land. Somehow someone has got to the site via another site as the e-mail blog address does not get used when sending ordinary e-mails. Hopefully this is not spoiling the reading of the blogs even though it appears that the positions are not being recorded.
We are in a patch of light winds that will continue until the weekend it appears so we will miss the closing ceremony of this years ARC - quite whether anyone will be there when we get there is a moot point! However we continue westwards in the belief that the route to the Spice Islands is along this way somewhere. Can't quite make out Bob Marley but we're sure he's there ahead and we wish our friends arriving in nthe next few days a great few dyas partying - well done to all.
We are flying the Parasailor today for the first time in several weeks as the winds are pretty much below 20knots - beyondn this we are advised not to fly it due to potential damage. Makes the 20knot interface interesting in terms of sail plans as, being a heavy boat, we have to think ahead and be prepared. However she's up, nicknamed Trillian, and is helping us move along in relatively light airs. The darn big fish has made off with the last of our line lures as we took the towed generator in for  while just to see if our luck would change fishing wise - alas it didn't. Must do more research!
Today is another wash day - hurrah!!!! We are doing ok on the water front so shouldn't be too much of a health hazard when we arrive. Storing waste hasbeen a challenge, particulalrly plastic, but we think our solution is just about ok though we do still have a lot of it about. Washing clothes - most white things are now grey and the sun cream lotion is also adding a certain bronzing hue - only really fir for gardnening, changing oil , paining or being at sea - certainly being at sea is hard on clothes big time. Everyone is gathering more bruises as we stagger around the boat - the sea, while calmer than its been, is still very rolly so we are always being caught unawares and colliding with harder objects than uur poor soft, calloused in places, bodies.
Off to get some lunch - more in due course........
Andrew & Susan
S/V Andromeda