A Hard Day's Night and a Black Night to boot.........

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Fri 30 May 2014 15:01
N32:13:029  W60:01:686
GPS miles to go: 1578
Boat miles completed: 250
Well it was both a hard day and a very black night - we had the return of the corkscrew sea combined with the barrel roll - we were all over the place both in terms of inside the boat, but also the way Adnromeda reacted to the confused seas. We would regulalry be thrown off couirse, the wind taken from the sails, and we would zoom off in quite the wrong direction. Hand steering as we are at present, this made for a physically tough day and night. The night was overcast with rain, no moon nor stars, so very black indeed. We did see one ship pass some 4 miles off the starboard side heading West.
On the current point of sailing, Vanessa is struggling. This is because of the action of the gantry, in that its preventing a clean flow of air across the wind vane. This is in part because when the Aries was installed the struts fixing it to the stern were shorter than specified, possibly to reduce marina fees where overhangs all add to the cost based on boat length. So we are hand steering until we get a wind shift, hopefully soon.
We are currently still heading ESE to avoid a cold front, and are waiting for an update on what the front will do and how that will impact the winds in these parts.
We hope all the ARC folk in Horta enjoyed their trip. In keeping with the prize giving tomorrow night, we shall be having our own prize giving in the following categories:-
Longest Queue:-
Best Croakie Moustache:-
Best Turned out at sea:-
Results announced tomorrow!
More in due course.......
Andrew & Susan
S/V Andromeda