Andromeda admired and remembered in Alburfeira

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Tue 29 Sep 2009 11:11
We realise that this week we have been having a bit of a holiday, yes I know you could think that we are on permanent holiday, but then this is a change of lifestyle so we still need a holiday(honestly)!!. We have stayed in Albuferia for 5 whole days and after our nomadic existence it seems like ages. We have done a few holiday things like go to the beach and swim, have picnics, eat icecreams and get up later.  See I told you we were on holiday ;-) We even had a touch of 'Summmer Holiday' going through our heads as Sir Cliff Richard's boat was berthed behind Andromeda.
Our last day here started with a visit from some folks who had come down to clean their boat across the marina from us. They recognised Andromeda from when they came down to Portugal, and even travelled in company with Sandy and Dave the previous owners, part of the way from France to Portugal. Dave and Carol have been here for about 5 or 6 years after deciding that the Med was not for them. They have a house up in the hills where they grow tangerines and have just bought an apartment to rent out in Albufeira. They told us all about Sir Cliff's boat and the local connection. Sir Cliff has a vinyard nearby and sells his wine locally and although there was a flurry of activity around his boat and people arrived Sir Cliff wasn't with them. Anyway we have exchanged phone numbers with Dave and Carol and they said they will give us a call when we get to Lagos and come and take us out for a visit to their place.Should be very interesting.
After they had gone we went and got some provisions and then walked to the town for another lovely picnic, dip in the sea and sit on the beach.On the way back we were really lucky to see an egret by one of the boats.It looked very graceful standing there sorting out its plumage with not a care in the world.
Its been a real delight here in Albufeira and I am sure we will come back again next year. At this time of the season it is so quiet and peaceful but it has to be said not very exciting (we didn't miss the parties though).
More in due course.........
Andrew & Susan
S/V Andromeda