Tuesday on my mind..........whale there you go....

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Tue 20 May 2014 15:01
N27:12:    W64:35:  
So here we are drifting in less than 5kts of wind - there is nothing we can do in such light winds, especially as they are from the north - we can't tack as we have no way on. So its drifting for us until wind arrives at some stage in the coming weeks. We have to preserve some fuel for when we arrive, so the engine is off for the time being and we watch the flat sea, showers in the distance, numerous clumps of seaweed floating by and a pair of Shearwaters flying low around the boat. It is very quiet however, and brilliant for cooking, sleeping and getting around the boat without too many bruises. Not good for progress north however. Andromeda is very shiny after Susan's ministrations yesterday!
Yesterday was however a first for us - we saw a pair of whales lazily swimming on the surface some 200 metres away, heading south. Whilst we have seen numerous dophins this is the first time we've seen whales. Really pleased. We were quite glad they weren't closer it must be said given their size. What species they were we are unsure - it looked like they had a dolphin shaped fin on their backs - Fin Whales? Perhaps someone could let us know in due course.
So when you see little progress on the Yellowbrick, you'll know why. We've tried the wind dance, and libations of rum and whisky (Andrew's loss) and Martinia but the wind has stubbornly refused to act and Neptune is clearly busy elsewhere. 
So its definitely a day on our minds!
Andrew & Susan
S/V Andromeda