Day 17 - dodging the squalls and generally rolly about - enjoying ourselves, naturally.....

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Thu 9 Dec 2010 15:42
13:56.034N 37:19.167W
Wind, wind, wind! First we didn't have enough and now its come in 3's! or something like that. We're all currently enjoying zooming westward but the accompanying bumpy seas are making life interesting and it feels as though we're all getting at least 1 new bruise a day! The winds have also brought us a new activity which is squall spotting - after the first night where we didn't realise what was going on and got battered, we are now very viligant and there is always a pair eyes on the sky looking for ominous clouds. Not that we can always avoid them but we do our best! Every last thing on the boat that is not secure is also coming loose and sometimes leaping around the cabins, but everything now seems mostly secure and this has quietened down.
Thanks to everyone whose been having windy thoughts for us - its paying off! Could we now ask for non-squally thoughts!
S/V Andromeda