andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Sun 7 Jun 2009 14:38
50.48.253N 1.59.927W
We have moved to a new position in the marina where we will stay until our departure in July - counting the days now.........this is an update via the Iridium.
We still have lots to do and have discovered a problem with our roller furler so we need Alluns help to sort this out. Until we do we can't go sailing and we are getting itchy to get out there and get some wind in andromeda's sails. However the boat is almost sorted in terms of most of the equipment we need as we have upgraded the radar and installed AIS to see those big beasties out there in the big wide sea. Still to finish are the lights at the top of the main mast - its a long way up and we need a bit of practice to get up there but we will post a picture once we do - the lazy jacks, the reefing line brakes, the towed water generator needs a service, then we might be able to go for a test sail - yippeee!!
The water gremlins are still around but we have traced some of the leaks to the hatches - another job next week - and a couple of the saloon windows. Hopefully this won't take too long either. The list of lists is slighty smaller than before as we have the charts we need, the flares and quit a bit of the safety equipment recommended for off-shore sailing - however the RYA recommendations are certainly very extensive but we'll look to complete the checklist before the big day. We also need to install the Iridium cable which is not going to be a very simple job due to the probable route through the boat - we hope that the 10m is sufficient.
So another update with pictures soon - more in due course.
Andrew & Susan
S/V Andromeda