It's Friday, we're in Love.......

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Fri 23 May 2014 18:08
N30:17:879 W65:27:359
First off today Happy 63rd Wedding Anniversary, Virginia and Brian, aka Susan's Mum and Dad, we shall give you a call later......
We have decided we must be in love with our lifestyle, although at times you do wonder why? Obviously we joined ARC Europe to sail in company, well at least at the beginnings of the legs and then of course there are the opportunities ashore to get to know a group of people better and maybe make life long friends.  We have certainly made many friends on the rallies we have taken part in so far and it is great when we get together to reminise.  Many new friends are made in the ports that are called into as well, and there is always the pleasure in arriving somewhere to find you know a few folk. Great friends are treaures though and they are the ones you know you can call on if you need some help.  We have been fortunate to come across so many great people who we will continue to keep in contact with no matter what we are doing. However Ian did make the point that perhaps we should be paid not to join in the future!
So what is to love about the last 24 hours.....well, after we managed to throw a 6 (Ocean Trader) we managed to get out of the Cat's Whiskers as the wind did come in quite well and we have been making reasonable progress, certainly compared with the previous 24 hours.. Wedneday Noon to Thursday Noon we had managed to cover the grand total of 28.3 miles over the ground, from Noon yesterday to today dah dah dah..we have covered 86.2 nearly just over 3 times as many, great. I should like to point out here that we generally consider that we can cover 120 miles during a normal day's sailing...though I think from here on in we are going to revise that to 100, you can probably work out why. If its a 100, we did 86 percent yesterday....whoo hoo. And whilst we are on the figures we now have less than 1/6, 2/10,1/5,/1/7  or about 15%, to go we really are getting there. There are currently two scenarios.  If the wind stays as it is with the rolling sea and direction we will get to Bermuda on Sunday.  We intend to make landfall in daylight so may find ourselves actually trying ( and here's irony for you) to slow down for the last part....If the wind comes round for a better point of sailing and we can speed up a bit I might just get in tomorrow afternoon......we will keep you posted.
On the domestic front yesterday was a great day for getting some washing dry only to get it soaked again last night....well it keeps us busy.  Catering is fun as we ring the changes and last night had good old fashioned bangers and mash and beans.....very good to eat one handed, in a sneak preview I think we will have meatballs tonight.
Wildlife - well the shearwaters come and go but a little while ago a brown noddy came by and hovered beautifully right on the prot side.  A beautiful sight and as he did this several times and we are hoping to have got a kodak moment.  We are going to have lots of photo's to look at in Port.  Other that that we are always on whale and dolphin alert as it is always a delight to catch sight of these creatures.
As for the times in between these things well apart form catching a snooze at regular intervals and thinking up titles for our blogs (I am sure you have worked out the currrent theme) we rack out brains for forgotten trivia, e.g.. there is a rock video we have really liked for years, where a band got their fans to record them selves miming along to one of their tracks then send it ith them. They put a compilation together and we love all of it and really laugh at the caravan bit. We have been racking our minds about the title and earlier this morning it popped into  my head.....its by Feeder and we call it 'All by myself' but know that's not wthe official track name, so if any one can put us out of our misery it would be great.
More in due course....
Andrew & Susan
S/V Andromeda