(We're bound for) South Australia and seemingly on a route to nowhere.......

andromeda of plymouth
Susan and Andrew Wilson
Thu 22 May 2014 15:02
N28:54:300   W65:54:635
Well not quite South Australia but the time and progress this trip is taking we could we be. After three days in very light winds where we used most the fuel motor-sailing, we managed a few hours sailing before another high pressure system embraced us, and progress was halted once more. So drifting is what we are doing, and not very quickly either. We have some fuel remaining but we'll need that for the final part of the trip - so filling the fuel tank and extra containers on deck is going to be quite a costly affair.
The sea is very flat at the moment, there are almost no clouds, and zephyrs of breeze flowing around, one or two that stick in the sails. It's been confirmed that we probably did see Fin Whales the other day from our description and Jen's research into migration routes - many thanks Jen. The night was lit by stars for a while, but also at times the horizon disappeared and it was difficult to get the mind around what was what. Time for reflection at night (bit of a pun) and reading during the day when not watching the sails. Even the shearwaters have gone - we obviously outlived our usefulness - but the clumps of seaweed remain.
A bit of washing today while everything is flat and a few other chores undertaken to break up the day a bit. Usually we post the blog and get e-mail once per day, but have checked more often recently as we scrutnise the grib (weather) files for some scrap of positive news about the wind in our small section of the vast ocean. We have plenty of water and food for the time being.
We believe we are probably on course for the slowest BVI to Bermuda trip on record. Pesky wind - where are you when we need you, eh?
Shipping News - none
Wildlife News - none
More in due course..........
Andrew & Susan
S/V Andromeda